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Sanofi creative concept

Sanofi, a global French pharmaceutical band, were launching a new global leadership programme. They needed a distinctive engagement campaign to catch the imagination of their senior leaders.


The challenge

Sanofi have traditionally been seen as pioneers in the field of pharmaceuticals. But too often recently they’d been playing it too safe. To drive the company forward, Sanofi needed its leaders to step outside their comfort zones.


The idea

Sanofi’s vision is ‘Chasing the miracles of science to improve people’s lives’. We wanted to build off that legacy with our concept: ‘Chase your impossible’.


'Chase your impossible' is about Sanofi leaders pushing the boundaries of what they – and their teams – can achieve. The headlines follow a ‘What if…?' copy construct that reframes challenges as opportunities.


It’s about exploring how real discoveries happen when we go beyond the limits of our knowledge and abilities.

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