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Department for Work & Pensions

The Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) wanted to reignite excitement in its learning and development programmes. They needed a new name, tagline and visual identity that would spark interest.


The challenge

The new name and logo needed to clearly communicate it was a leadership programme, but without alienating those who weren’t leaders yet. The name also needed to be accessible and work in a small space.


The idea

The programme name, ‘Inspired to Lead’ is clear, concise and accessible. It speaks to both leaders and soon-to-be leaders. The tagline ‘Unlock the leader in you’ is more emotive and taps into the key message of feeling empowered to lead yourself and others.

Our visual identity, ‘Shape your journey’, is inspired by Bauhaus design. We represent people’s learning journeys as building blocks they can mix and match in a way that’s right for them. It’s about cultivating a childlike curiosity towards learning.

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