Vistaprint radio ads

"The Game" - business card radio script - 60 secs

VO: Let’s play a game. I’ll tell you 3 things about Vistaprint business cards, and you pick the one that’s true. Ok?

Number one: All our business cards are now edible.

[SFX: munching]

Number two: All our business cards now come with sound effects.

[SFX: DJ air-horn effect]

Number three: All Vistaprint business cards now ship for free.

[SFX: swoosh]

Yep, you got it. It’s number three. All our business cards now ship for free.

And that goes for any style, in any quantity.

And when you’re creating your card, you pick the paper, the shape and the finish.

You’ll feel prepared and confident with a glossy, matte, or uncoated card.

You’ll stand out with distinctive shapes like square and rounded corners.

And you’ll capture everyone’s attention with shimmering finishes like pearl and metallic.

The end result is a business card you’ll be proud to hand out. So visit for free shipping on all business cards, in any style and any quantity. Just use promo code XXXXX. That’s, promo code XXXXX.




“The Event” - business card radio script - 60 secs

SFX: ambient sound from a wedding reception

VO: You’re catering a wedding and the bride says,

BRIDE: “Everyone is raving about the hors d’ouvres.”

VO: You look out across all those guests. Your smile beams. Your heart pounds.

This is the moment when the right business card is essential, and Vistaprint can help.

Right now, you can customize 500 cards starting at $9.99 at That’s 500 professional cards for just $9.99.

So now imagine that same wedding, but instead of seeing a crowd of faces, you see a room full of chances worth chasing.

You’re ready to Own the Now, with a stack of business cards that are as enticing as your entrees.

And Vistaprint caters to any small business. You choose the paper, the shape and the finish.

Go with a square card, or maybe one with rounded corners and a metallic finish.

Whatever your style, create a card that gives you the confidence to make the most of every opportunity. Because either you let things happen, or you make things happen.

Start now at and get 500 business cards starting at $9.99. Use promo code 1-2-1-2 at checkout. That’s, promo code 1-2-1-2.

The Event - Vistaprint - T. Carroll
The Game - Vistaprint - T. Carroll